Sunday, November 26, 2006

Writing Search Optimized Web Pages

2006 - Stephen Wright

One of the most common inquiries and frequently asked questions I receive regarding writing effective internet web pages is about the optimization requirements. Uniquely, web pages require careful forethought and “design with a purpose”.

Not only do the pages have to sell the product to internet visitors, they also have to be structured in a way that allows the site to be “search engine friendly” and “optimized” to take full advantage of natural search traffic.

What then are the common elements needed that web owners must carefully incorporate into their respective pages? The following are the basic elements:

The first and most obvious place to start is to ensure the “Title Tag” contains your most important keyword phrase(s);

The “Description Tag” gives users a brief descriptive overview of what your site or a particular page is about and why users should visit.

The “Headings and Subheadings Tags” should be used sparingly within your web text to highlight important sections or topic areas within the page.

The “Body Tag” text is the primary reading material of the web page.

The “Hyper Links” are incorporated into the web page throughout as needed.

Image “Alternate Text Tags” are not only ideal places for “advertising space” they also are great opportunities for placement of phrases that include keywords;

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Thursday, November 02, 2006

6 Awesome Ways To Explode Your Home Based Business Traffic and Revenue

2006 - Stephen Wright

Do you ever have the feeling that everyone else is getting traffic to their website, except you? Is your revenue less than what you had hoped for? Do you have any sales and revenues at all?

If the answer to even one of these questions is YES ---then this article is for you.
Here is a sample of the topics you will get:

Tip #1: Take This In The Right Way, But: Is Your Website Boring? Is it plain and/or drab?

Tip #2: If Your Web Site Is A Sales Page – Show ONLY The Features And Benefits TO THE CUSTOMER.

Tip #3: For Most Websites, Free Content and Great Content Rules.

Tip# 4: Get all those ads off your website.

Tip #5: Generate more revenue by replacing Google Ads with Affiliate Program links.

Tip #6 Check Your Website Links Over and Over!

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6 Awesome Ways To Explode Your Home Based Business Traffic and Revenue


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