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5 Simple and Easy Ways to Advertise Online

(5 Simple and Easy Ways to Advertise Online)
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Some people say that advertising is everything!

Regardless if you have a product, a service, a hobby website or
just want to share pictures of your wedding, you have to
advertise somehow to get the traffic to your site or blog.

But not all traffic is equal. There are services that can help
you drive tons and tons of traffic to your site and it won't do
you any good at all because it's not targeted traffic.

Take for example all of the many different 'surf for traffic' or
'traffic clicking' programs that are out there. If you have a
website that is about your hobby, say model airplanes, then what
good is this traffic really going to do you? Who's using these

Webmasters and marketers that want traffic on their own site.
So they most likely won't spend any more time on your page than
is required by the little timer these services use and then they
are gone again. Even if your site is about these traffic services
(this is about the only time you will see very much benefit from
using such a tool) you will still have to spend a ton of time
just surfing and clicking around to get a real benefit from these
programs. Once marketers realized this they switched gears. They
started promoting all the different programs to a lot of other
marketers to get them in their downlines, so they could get some
traffic as a bonus. This became their new focus. The problem is
that everyone else did exactly the same thing, so not a lot of
people were surfing the internet anymore.

Bottom-line is this. You need targeted traffic. So here are some
tips on how you can generate exactly the traffic you need and
bring the visitors you want to your website without having to
chase after them.

1. Content

What is your website about? Do you just have a page with a lot of
links and not much else?

If this is the case, think about adding some content to your
website that will be of value to any potential visitors. You
could write articles or find articles at one of the many
directories that you can reprint on your site.

2. Talk about your experiences in your subject matter.

You don't have to put up some kind of resume (although that can
work too), but rather try writing about what you are doing, as it
relates to your topic of choice. Let's look at the model
airplanes again briefly, you could talk or write about the latest
plane type you built, how the last time flying your plane went,
what challenges you run into or perhaps even post some pictures
of your plane or of you flying it.

3. Forums and bulletin boards.

You could add a forum or bulletin board to your website where
your visitors can interact with each other. There are a lot of
free services available out there that you can use to either
remotely host a forum for you, or even software you can install
on your website's server. To find some of these, just head over
to your favorite search engine and you will definitely find
plenty to choose from.

And while you are visiting the search engine, why not run a
search for any bulletin boards and forums that are already out
there for your chosen topic? You could visit those and interact
with the visitors there and since many allow you to post a
signature or a profile, you could add a little line about your
own site with a link (just check the rules of the forum first so
you don't violate any of them).

4. Start a blog.

Blogs are very popular and search engines love them because they
provide constantly new and fresh content. Your blog would be a
great place to talk about what you are up to that day.
So if you spent some time today buying new parts for your plane
you could write about where you found them, how much they cost
you, why you chose those parts, anything really goes.

The really great part about this is that you can point links from
your blog back to your website, so when the search engine stops
by to grab and index your latest content, it will also stop by
your website and you will start seeing very targeted traffic
heading your way.

5. Write articles.

Writing articles isn't hard and can be a great source of fresh,
new traffic to your website. There are a lot of ezines on any
topic out there and there are also a lot of directories where you
can share your article.

Basically, what you do is write an article and then add a small
resource box that links back to your website (just like a
signature) and then let other ezine publishers know that you are
allowing them to print your article in their ezine. And many
publishers go to the article directories to find new content for
their newsletter and even their websites. And since there are
websites and ezine newsletters on any imaginable topic out there,
you can't lose. Write an article every couple of days and post it
in the directories (even one a week or every two weeks will start
getting you traffic). Very soon you will find new traffic coming
from search engines, newsletters and websites.

Best of all, these 5 simple tips will bring targeted traffic,
meaning the visitors are coming to you because they are
interested in what you wrote.

So there you have it. Wheather you have a simple and basic Work
at Home Business or a significant Internet Marketing enterprise
you can benefit from these 5 easy and simple ways to advertise and
drive traffic to your website at absolutely no cost.

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